Knoxville man creates crime spotter group after trailer theft

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – About one and a half years ago, Greg Minton says he was at home when a man tried to steal his trailer.

“I had three cars in my driveway, my garage door was open, it was maybe around 1:30 p.m. and he actually walked through all the cars, grabbed the trailer, dragged it between all of the cars and it didn’t fit the ball of his truck, so he just slid it to the side,” said Minton.

Minton said the person never actually took his trailer, but he captured video of what happened on his surveillance camera.

“He just pulls into a busy neighborhood and nobody is going to think anything different,” said Minton. “They may think he is a friend of mine or he lives here and that’s what’s sad about it. We were all here on the other side of the house and didn’t hear anything.”

He believes the same person broke a fence and stole a trailer from a nearby landscaping company. The next day he said he contacted the company and called law enforcement to let them know he had surveillance video of a similar incident.

“They just said ‘do you have the license plate number, do you have the video?’ and we said ‘yeah,’ but we never heard anything back,” said Minton remembering his call with law enforcement.

The next day he decided to create the Facebook group Knoxville Crime Exposed. He said he was originally just going to post the video to his Facebook page, but he wanted a medium so that more people could be aware of what is happening in their neighborhood.

“I was going to try to post it to Facebook and let everyone know, ‘hey, there’s a guy out here trying to steal trailers’ and there was not a place for it, so I started it,” said Minton. “It was just where people were aware and could see it. I think people knew about crime, but they didn’t know how much there was going and how often it was happening.”

Minton hopes the page will remind people that crime can happen anywhere, not just in specific neighborhoods. He hopes the page will encourage his neighbors to take steps to protect their belonging, such as installing security cameras and locking their car doors.

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