94 Knoxville seniors honored as ‘Project GRAD Scholars’

KNOXVLLE (WATE)- Seniors from Austin-East High School and Fulton High School were honored Sunday night for outstanding academic and extracurricular involvement.

The annual event honors seniors at two of the fourteen schools that participate in the Project GRAD program, including Elementary and Middle school levels.

“I feel nervous and excited. I feel like I’m becoming a woman. I’m just really excited. I’m ready for the next step in my life,” said Austin-East senior Taylor Teasley.

Teasley will be attending the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga in the fall and will be majoring in dental hygiene.

“It was like a family aspect to it. We had fun, we got stuff done. At the same time, it taught us stuff like being able to keep our attention to one thing at a time. Get stuff done,” said Fulton High School senior Zachary Hurley.

Hurley says his support system of family, friends, and peers in the Fulton High School Band helped him become a Project GRAD Scholar.

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