Scott County voters give Trump’s first 100 days a ‘B’ grade

ONEIDA (WATE) – Saturday marks 100 days since President Donald Trump took office. It’s a milestone with symbolic significance, the timeframe for a new president to begin making a mark and doing the work voters sent him to Washington to do.

Trump took 85 percent of the vote in Scott County, the biggest margin in East Tennessee. Voters there, on average, are giving him a B rating so far.

“I think he’s done a lot of what he said he’s going to do and I don’t think he’s going to back down,” said Ashley Laxton, a diner at Preston’s Steakhouse.

“I like the immigration and I like the stopping the travel from some of the other countries and trying to protect the United States. I think not backing down from the other countries is a good show of force and I think that’s what we need,” said another resident.

Residents did have some suggestions on areas where Trump could show improvement.

“I think he needs control. I think he needs to tone it down a little when he’s talking,” said one.

WATE 6 On Your Side also asked what people want from the president in the days ahead.

“Salaries need to be raised, food prices are getting so high, and cost of living is becoming a real challenge,” said Felicia Miller.

“From what I see, with the tax breaks they’re going to give, it needs to be more for the middle and lower class and a little less for the rich,” said Jerry Burchfield.

Many voters pointed to national security as a top priority.

“I would like America to get control over ISIS and improve relations with Russia and North Korea. I would really hate to go to war with either of them so I really hope they can work something out that is peaceful,” said Laxton.

And then there are domestic issues like health care and immigration.

“I think the health care act needs to be straightened out. I know some people like it but I’ve talked to a lot of people that it hurt so that would be one thing. And if he builds the wall or not, immigration needs to be in check,” said Doug Smith.

While voters agree there are still a number of problems to be solved, Trump supporters are hopeful that the future looks bright.

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