Clinton football program penalized for TSSAA violation

FILE PHOTO: Clinton High School plays Heritage High School on October 21, 2016.

CLINTON (WATE) – Clinton High School administration is penalizing their football team after a student was allowed to play in a spring scrimmage and practice with the team that was not enrolled or in attendance at the school.

TSSAA said Clinton High School administration self-reported the off-season practice that violated football program guidelines. According to article II, section 14 of practice rules “only students who are enrolled and in regular attendance at as school may participate in practice.”

The student had moved to the Clinton High School school zone and had been accepted to the school, but decided to finish the school year at his current school, according to TSSAA. TSSAA says the student-athlete was ruled ineligible to participate at Clinton High School for one year. Afterward, the administration will be given the opportunity to ask the TSSAA Board of Control for reinstatement.

Administrators at Clinton High School also imposed a week with no practice August 7-11 and reduced the number of football scrimmages from four games to two games.

“We wanted to commend the Clinton administration on the manner in which situation was handled,” said Bernard Childress, Executive Director of the TSSAA. “Thank you for self-reporting the violation. We know you will take the necessary steps to ensure a violation of this type does not occur again.”

TSSAA said no further action is being taken against the football program.

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