2 Knoxville restaurants reinspected after critical violations

Food For Thought

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Two Knoxville restaurants received the lowest health inspection grades of the week.

There were similar health violations at both restaurants. Health inspectors pay close attention to risk factors that could lead to foodborne illness.

Wasabi, 226 Lovell Road – Grade: 82 New Grade: 99

On Lovell Drive in West Knoxville, Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse scored an 82. That’s passing, the health department considers a score below 70 as unsanitary.

Food temperatures were off. Cooked rice was at 48 degrees and raw shrimp at 45 degrees. They should have been cooled to 41 degrees to slow the chance of bacteria growth.

The inspector found several unprotected drink cups in the kitchen. Employees are allowed to sip on drinks, but cups are supposed to have a top on them, plus a straw to avoid any spills.

Also, the inspector writes food slicers and choppers had not been cleaned and sanitized properly.

Now the Wasabi Steakhouse on Lovell has been re-inspected. Their new grade is a 99.

Shoney’s, 4032 Broadway – Grade: 82 New Grade: 97

The Shoney’s in North Knoxville received a passing grade, but the inspector will re-check on several critical violations.

When the inspector checked the dishwasher, he found no sanitizer running through it. The issue, however, was corrected on the spot.

Food temperatures were off. Hamburgers and chicken were at 47 degrees, but 41 degrees and below is the required cool temperature.

No date markings could be found in some ready-to-eat foods. Health rules say if food is held over for 24 hours, it must have a date mark on it and be used within 7 days.

A dozen restaurants scored either perfect or near perfect health inspections grades.

Shoney’s was reinspected. Their new grade is a 97.

More online: Read this week’s full inspection reports [PDF]

Here at the top scores of the week.

  • Mikata, 10918 Spring Bluff Way – Grade: 100
  • Surin of Thailand, 6213 Kingston Pike – Grade: 100
  • Club Laconte, 800 Gay Street – Grade: 100
  • Nixon’s Deli, 508 Merchants Drive – Grade: 100
  • Arby’s, 2657 Magnolia Avenue – Grade: 99
  • Arby’s, 7122 Strawberry Plains Pike – Grade: 99
  • Sabor Catracho, 4705 Central Avenue Pike – Grade: 99
  • Petro’s Chili, Knoxville Central Mall – Grade: 99
  • Waffle House, 7414 Strawberry Plains Pike – Grade: 98
  • Puleo’s Grill, 7224 Region Lane – Grade: 98
  • Puelo’s Grille, 110 Cedar Lane – Grade: 97
  • McDonald’s, 2812 Magnolia Avenue – Grade: 97

Health inspections represent a snapshot of conditions at restaurants. While health inspections are unannounced, if a legitimate complaint is lodged, inspectors will return for a spot inspection.

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