Counterfeit $50 bills passed in Roane County

(source: Roane County Sheriff's Office)

KINGSTON (WATE) – The Roane County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after two counterfeit $50 bills were passed recently, one plainly marked as “for motion picture use only.” It is not known if the two incidents are connected.

One of the bills was passed recently at a yard sale in Midtown. The bills say “For motion picture use only” on the front and “The Money Production” on the back. They are also marked with “Fifty Bollars” instead of “Fifty Dollars.”

The victim said the person who passed the bill is described as a white female around 25 to 30 years old with a thin build and curly, blonde hair.

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The other bill was turned in to the sheriff’s office on April 20. That bill was not marked as being for motion picture use, but has been identified as counterfeit.

Anyone with information on either case is asked to call the sheriff’s office at (865) 354-8045.

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