New Market fire stands by chief despite theft indictment

Chief Frank Solomon (New Market Volunteer Fire Department)

NEW MARKET, Tenn. (WATE) – The New Market Volunteer Fire Department said they are standing by Chief Frank Solomon after he was indicted by a grand jury for theft, fraud and official misconduct.

The department issued a statement saying, “since the fire department was established in 1976, Chief Frank Solomon has been a member of this department. The members of the department stand behind him during this time. Chief Solomon still holds his position as fire chief and will continue to hold that position.”

The fire department said they will continue to serve the citizens of New Market, Strawberry Plains, and other parts of our fire protection area to the very best of their ability.

The Tennessee State Comptroller’s office alleges Solomon stole at least $1,105 from the fire department by charging personal purchases to fire department accounts at several auto parts stores. The comptroller says he used the auto parts for his personal vehicles, a family member’s personal vehicle and vehicles owned by others he had been contracted to repair.

He’s also alleged to have misused the fire department’s sales tax exemption and vehicle title registration discount by registering a Dodge Charge he bought with personal funds in the fire department’s name.

Solomon had said the vehicle was to be used “exclusively for fire protection purposes.”

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