Heavy rainfall causes problems for East Tennessee drivers

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Heavy rainfall and flood-like conditions across East Tennessee have forced trees to crash into houses, schools to close and have caused a number of problems for drivers on the road.

The high waters caused a number of people to get stuck on the roads; forcing some to the point of abandoning their vehicles

“There’s definitely been a lot of flooding, Tazewell Pike is pretty ridiculous,” said Justin Jacobs of Corryton.

Another hazard drivers are warning others to be on the lookout for are potholes.

“A lot of flooding, that’s what i’m saying, there’s so many potholes around here and with the water you can’t see them. There goes your front end,” said Jack Katz of Knoxville.

The lesson most drivers are trying to pass on is to make sure not rush anywhere while conditions are this hazardous.

“If you can see the puddles, slow down for them, obviously don’t slam on  your brakes otherwise that’s going to cause problems, kind of like when it snows,” said Jacobs.

“Just take things easy, take things slow, don’t do anything reckless.”

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