East Tennessee schools cancel for student safety

ANDERSON CO. (WATE)- Nearly 20 school districts reported cancelled or delayed start times for Monday due to severe weather and flooding concerns.

“Dutch Valley is getting a new roof put on. We had some concerns about that. We had some leaks. Couple places storm drains are getting full, so we had some flooding into the cafeteria,” said Dr. Tim Parrott, Director of Schools for Anderson County.

Parrott says he made the decision based on the advice of the Director of Transportation and the Maintenance Director after visiting nearly every school in the county.

Parrott says some roads at and around many schools were flooded; making them unsafe for parents and bus drivers to ride on.

“We’ve got up in the Bryceville area and saw some asphalt that’s washed away,” said Parrott.

“The state closed the road for a while. That’s been our focus.”

Parrott says it’s uncommon to cancel school for flooding, but that it is done because student safety is the top priority.

“Anytime you do it, it’s a gamble. But anytime you do (cancel) we want to gamble on the students being safe.”

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