Tennessee lawmakers ask feds to revoke guardrail system eligibility letter following deaths

NASHVILLE (WATE) – Congressman Jimmy Duncan, Sen. Lamar Alexander and Sen. Bob Corker issued a letter on Friday to the Federal Highway Administration urging the them to revoke a letter of eligibility for Lindsay X-Lite guardrail end terminals after several deadly crashes involving the system.

The letter states that while letters of eligibility are not required for states to install safety devices, the existence of such a letter implies certification. A June 2016 study found that 10 states do not have laws requiring crash-tests for roadside safety hardware and four of those wrongfully believed the FHWA required crash-testing.

More online: Read the full letter [PDF]

Hannah Eimers, 17, was killed in a crash on Interstate 75 in McMinn County in November 2016. She died instantly after hitting an X-Lite end terminal. At least three fatalities in Tennessee along with others in Missouri and Virginia have been identified as being related to the X-Lite system. Tennessee Department of Transportation removed the model from its approved list in October and has begun the process of removing already installed end terminals.

Eimers’ father delivered a letter to the Federal Highway Administration from him and four other families affected by the X-Lite guardrail end terminals. He testified in front of state lawmakers earlier this month.

Previous story: East Tennessee father takes guardrail campaign to Washington, D.C.


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