Mississippi street named after Maryville woman’s fallen soldier father

1st Lt. Eugene Majure

MARYVILLE (WATE) – A Maryville woman, who is the daughter of a fallen soldier, is grateful to a city in Mississippi. The city of Pascagoula named a street after her dad, who was killed in Vietnam half a century ago.

It’s not too often a family member who lives in a different state more than 500 miles away can reach out to city officials and convince them to rename a city street in honor of a native of their community.

The City Council in Pascagoula, Mississippi, unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday night honoring one of its own. 1st Lt. Eugene Majure, a Green Beret advisor, grew up in the city along the Gulf Coast. He was killed in Vietnam in 1966 while on a reconnaissance patrol. From now on, Vega Street in Pascagoula will be called Lt. Eugene J. Majure Drive. His daughter Suzette Donovan from Maryville attended the meeting honoring her father.

“I’m so proud that the City of Pascagoula wanted to take the opportunity to honor my father,” said Donovan.

Suzette Donovan

Donovan was an infant when her father died. She never knew him. She said the street named after her father is, appropriately, home to a VFW post.

“It’s special because a lot of them men who came home didn’t get the honor that they deserved. It’s special because he fought for what he believed in at the time. And he died fighting for what he believed in,” she said.

Twelve years ago, Donovan went online to learn details about her dad from his Army buddies. She said her mother never spoke about her dad in front of the kids.

“I think it was too painful. When we did bring up talking about my father, my brothers would say, ‘Don’t talk about Dad. It makes Mom cry.’ Or, even in front of my grandmother they would say, ‘You are going to make Granny cry.’ So, we didn’t talk about him,” Donovan said.

She holds dear a letter of condolence sent by her father’s Special Forces commander more than 50 years ago. The letter said Majure was “one of the most outstanding and capable officers in this command.” Donovan says that sentence always makes her feel better.

Now the name of that outstanding, capable officer will be remembered and lived on in the city he loved. The street sign will be going up in the next few weeks. Donovan says around 40 friends and family surrounded her and her brothers as her late father was honored.

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