Greene County bees possibly poisoned; Family loses 11 hives

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) -The son of a beekeeper wants to know who sprayed a chemical on hives in Greene County.

Greg Luttrell’s father Dale Luttrell is a retired beekeeper. The family says they noticed bees were coming out of a hive and dying. They say the grass around the hives is also dead.

Luttrell called the state honeybee inspector. He said the inspector determined the bees were sprayed with a chemical but did not know what kind.

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“The bee hives you can tell its sort of oily, you can tell where somebody just walked up and sprayed something on the hives,” Greg Luttrell said.

As of Friday, the Luttrells said they lost 11 hives, including the hive Dale rescued from in Greeneville in March. Those bees were found on a fire hydrant in the downtown area.

Luttrell said each hive has about 30,000 bees, estimating they lost a total of more than 300,000 bees because of the chemical that was sprayed.

The Luttrells have not filed a police report as of yet, but his son is hoping anyone with information about who did this will come forward.

“Me and my brother, and sister, we have already put some security measures in place, so if somebody steps foot on that property that don’t belong, we will know about it,” Greg Luttrell said.

Monday afternoon we spoke to the local bee inspector in Greene County, Joel Hausser, who said he inspected the hives last week but wasn’t able to identify what was sprayed.

Hausser did say whatever was sprayed on the hives caused thousands of dollars in damage to Luttrell’s property.

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