Dierks Bentley, kids play ‘pit crew’ while mom runs Boston Marathon

BOSTON, Mass. (WATE) – Cassidy Bentley, the wife of country music star Dierks Bentley, ran the Boston Marathon to raise money for a Nashville shelter for homeless families.

The 41-year-old Cassidy Bentley completed the marathon with a net time of 3:29:41. This was her second Boston Marathon.

Dierks Bentley posted pictures of their children wearing “pit crew” shirts to support her. The runner has been posting pictures of her journey using the hashtag #cassrunsboston17

Here we go @cassrunsboston17! Your @bostonmarathon pit crew is ready to cheer you on! number one fans. CRUSH IT #beboston

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This year, Cassidy Bentley ran to create awareness and raise money for Safe Haven Family Shelter of Nashville. Her Crowdrise.com page, where you can make a donation, has already raised more than $22,000 for Safe Haven.

“In the past I’ve always prepared for a race in a vacuum. I run alone, train by myself and generally don’t talk much about it to anyone. But this year I wanted to find a way to use my run to connect with people and help others. I wanted to give it meaning beyond crossing the finish line or achieving a certain time (although I do want to do that too!),” said Cassidy Bentley.

The Tennessean reports Cassidy Bentley was introduced to the Safe Haven shelter when her husband’s 2015 video for the song “Riser” featured a formerly homeless mother.

“Safe Haven keeps families who are homeless together, provides them with shelter and eventually permanent housing along with the therapy, support and training needed to gain self-sufficiency and rebuild their lives,” said Cassidy Bentley. “My family has been involved with them for a few years and I’ve seen up close the incredibly important, desperately needed, inspiring work they do and I’m thrilled to be running in their honor and in honor of present and future families who need Safe Haven.”




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