Fentress County chief deputy responds to sheriff’s resignation amid FBI investigation

Fentress County Sheriff Chucky Cravens

JAMESTOWN (WATE) – The sheriff of Fentress County informed commissioners Friday he would be stepping down from his position amid a state and federal investigation.

Sheriff Chucky Craven sent an email to the county commission via his attorney saying his resignation would go into effect on April 28. It is not yet known who will serve as interim sheriff until a new election can be held.

Earlier this week, the Memphis division of the FBI said it is investigating allegations of impropriety at the sheriff’s office and the jail. The U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation are also looking into the case.

The exact reasoning for Cravens’ resignation is not known, but in his letter, he said he deeply regrets the circumstances.

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Full text of Cravens’ resignation letter:

Dear Commissioners,

Please accept this email, sent via my lawyer, as confirmation of my resignation as Sheriff of Fentress County, effective April 28, 2017. A letter will follow under separate cover.

It was an honor to serve the people of this county, and I deeply regret the circumstances that have led to my resignation.

Chucky Cravens

Chief Deputy Gary Ledbetter wrote a letter Monday on Cravens’ resignation.

Ledbetter said the FBI investigation only concerns Cravens and not the Fentress County Sheriff’s Office.

“Unfortunately in times like these rumors begin to spread and the only thing rumors do is hurt people, their families and ultimately the community as a whole,” said Ledbetter.

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