NTSB: Powered parachute pilot did not file flight plan

(WATE) – The National Transportation Safety Board released a preliminary report concerning a fatal power parachute crash in Knox County.

According to the agency, the Buckeye Aviation Dream Machine, N4017L, crashed into trees and terrain near Knoxville on April 2. The parachute was registered and operated by the pilot, Stanley Decoursey, 58, who was pronounced dead at the hospital.

NTSB says the pilot did not have a Federal Aviation Administration medical certificate, but had 90 hours of flight experience in Buckeye powered parachutes and a sport pilot certificate.

The agency says a flight plan was not filed for local, personal flight and the flight began at a private grass airstrip.

Nothing out of the normal happened at the beginning of the flight, the passenger, Kenneth Atkins, told NTSB. After the parachute flew over Atkin’s residence, Decoursey flew the parachute over rising terrain.

The report says the parachute did not climb quickly enough which caused the landing gear to strike around three trees before crashing into the woods and hitting more trees on the way down.

The passenger was transported to the hospital after he was not able to walk. Decoursey and Atkins were both wearing helmets at the time of the crash.

NTSB says the aircraft was found in the upright position with all of its structure and components accounted for at the scene. The tubular frame was damaged, and the parachute and lines were entangled with tree branches.

The engine mounts broke during the crash, according to NTSB and outer sections of a three-bladed composite were also broken.

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