Volunteers plant trees in honor of Zaevion Dobson

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Plans for the Zaevion Dobson Memorial Park moved forward on Wednesday as volunteers turned out to plant 18 trees.

Students from Fulton High School, where Dobson went to school, as well as from Gerdau Construction Projects were out helping plant the trees. The city of Knoxville paid for the trees and Trees Knoxville organized the volunteer efforts to get them planted.

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The city says the species of trees will provide shade and attract wildlife.

“I think bringing the school, the people where he went to school bringing them to do it as well as getting the company that donated property, it’s just good progress for the community in terms of getting the park up and ready to be used by the community. So I think it’s a fabulous thing to do for this community,” said Tom Welborn with Trees Knoxville.

The new park will include a playground and multi-use field. It’s set to open next month.

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