Drug agents find 10 kilos of Fentanyl during I-40 traffic stop

(Courtesy: 24th Judicial District Drug Task Force)

DECATUR COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Drug agents seized 10 kilos of the deadly, potent painkiller Fentanyl during a traffic stop on Tuesday.

The 24th Judicial District Drug Task Force made the stop on Interstate 40 in Decatur County, arresting two people from Texas.

Both Richardo Ernesto Gomez Jr, 26, and Kristian Lee Torres, 22, are being held in the Decatur County jail. Their exact charges were not immediately known.

The drugs field-tested positive for Fentanyl. Officials said the bust was one of the largest in the state’s history.

“I commend my officers in the 24th Judicial Drug Task Force for their outstanding work today,” states District Attorney Matthew Stowe. “We are very pleased to announce this afternoon’s seizure of a large about of Fentanyl. This is an extremely dangerous drug and to have taken 10 kilos off the street is a victory for our citizens.”

In all, Tuesday’s bust had the potential street value of approximately $13 million.

“That [one] kilo of Fentanyl can produce between 16 and 24 kilos of [other derivative drugs, such as a form of synthetic heroin], ultimately yielding profits of $ 1.3 million after it’s sold on the street,” said DEA spokesman Russ Baer.

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