Meachem hopes to revive NFL career after Tennessee Pro Day

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – As a new crop of talent is looking to turn their dreams into reality, Robert Meachem has already lived out his. Except he’s hungry for more.

“I still see the urge, you know you still have it,” Meachem said. “Getting out here being able to run routes with the young guys, run the 40 with them, I know I still have it, it’s just the fact of putting on pads and showing it.”

To get back to playing on Sunday’s, He relied on Josh Dobbs to get him the ball. Dobbs was nine years old when Meachem starred on Rocky Top.

“He [Dobbs] did a great job,” he said. “I like the routes he picked for himself to show off his arm and that was a great show he put on today.”

Despite a two-year absence , Meachum sprinted his way to a 4.58 40-yard dash today, not much slower than his 4.39 time 10 years ago when the Saints selected him in the first round.

“He’s still got it,” Josh Malone said. “He’s still got that explosive speed in him and everything should work out for him.”

Meachem was hoping for a faster time.

“I still think I could have gotten a little faster. That’s just me though being picky.”

The former Tennessee wideout turned Super Bowl champion took a turn for the worse last month, landing in jail for 30 days after failing to pay child support and alimony. It’s his kids who talked him into returning to the field.

“I’m past that,” he said. “My kids are well taken care of. They got everything they need. I told them, Daddy is going to be alright. Y’all just have fun and be kids.”

For now, Meachem is waiting for a call. If he gets one, it could help put his life back on track.

“I just want them to know that I still got it and can play and I think I have two or three years still left in me,” he said.

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