Google Maps lets you play Ms. Pac-Man on real streets

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Your neighborhood just got interesting!

For April Fool’s Day, Google Maps has turned their smartphone app into the classic arcade game Ms. Pac-Man. Just click on the pac-man button to turn your neighborhood into the game.

This isn’t the first time Google hacked their maps. In 2015 Google changed their maps to Pac-Man for April Fool’s Day. They’ve also let users catch Pokemon on the mapping tools.

For those of you who need to brush up on Ms. Pac Man, here are WATE 6 On Your Side Meteorologist Ken Weather’s tips:

  1. Avoid ghosts
  2. Eat all of the pellets (White dots) to win the level
  3. In lower levels, power pellets (The larger white dots) make ghosts edible for a limited time
  4. Don’t forget to eat the fruit when it shows up for extra points
  5. If you get multiple ghosts from one power pellet your points multiply

Ken Weathers recommends eating all of the regular pellets first before eating the power pellets. Eat all of the dots in the center of the maze and work your way to the outer center of the maze. This should leave you with just the corner dots and power pellets.

Pick a corner far away from ghosts and gobble up those dots and power pellet first and then go to the next corner and the same until all of the dots and power pellets are gone.

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