Fountain City neighbors help Knoxville police catch burglar

Knoxville Police Department searching for 2nd suspect

Andrew Ruedi (Knox County Sheriff's Office)

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Attentive neighbors helped Knoxville Police Department apprehend a man suspected of burglarizing cars in Fountain City on Thursday night.

Andrew Ruedi, 39, of Strawberry Pines faces two counts of attempted auto burglary and one charge of theft. Officers are still looking for another suspect. That person is described as a man in his early 20’s, last seen wearing a flannel coat with a gray hoodie underneath.

Andrew Ruedi (Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

Knoxville Police Department found arrested Ruedi in the woods. Luke Kendiorski, who lives in the neighborhood where Ruedi was arrested, says he was able to alert his neighbors after his dog alerted him that someone may be outside.

“I looked outside the window and saw him just standing right here, just looking to scope out and see what he could take,” said Kendziorski.

Kendziorski says not just one, but two people were casing the street, checking handles of car doors to see if they were unlocked. He said he watched them walk around to the front of his house and try to open his car.

Luke Kendiorski

“We hit the panic button and they ran off this way into the dark area back here,’ Kendoziorski said showing his car keys.

He says the burglars took off to the next street, where they tried to pry open the door of an RV and steal mail sitting inside boxes. That’s when Kendziorski contacted his neighbors.

“It made it a lot easier to communicate and everybody was on the lookout,” said Kendoziorski. “This is really not the neighborhood to try to steal something, because the neighborhood is so strong and tight that you’re going to get caught.”

He says the scary situation serves as a reminder to always lock everything up. He also recommends people get to know their neighbors.

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