Tennessee woman scammed by fake credit card offer

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – April Fools Day is Saturday. With so much of our spending now done online or with credit cards, financial scams are on the rise. Don’t be fooled into thinking that falling for a scam could never happen to you.

As Juanita Paul examined her monthly bills, she worried about mounting debt. At 72, divorced, and living on a limited income, Paul has just added to her bills and blames herself. In mid-March she received a call from a guy named Jordan Belfort who claimed he was from a credit service company and told her about low-interest rates on a Discover Card.

“With a 4 point 99 interest for 24 months, then after 24 months, it was interest-free for life,” Paul said they told her. “I thought it was a good deal.  And I needed a good deal.”

Paul said she was then passed on to Daniel and then to Malori who requested personal information.

“They asked for all of it. My name, address, phone number. My social security numbers, my card numbers. They said they had to have the card numbers,” said Paul.

She says she gave them the numbers from her Via card. After she hung up the phone and started thinking about what happened she tried calling the company back but couldn’t get an answer.

After going to her bank, Paul discovered she was in trouble. The next day, $700 was charged to her Visa credit card.

Paul is disputing charges made on her credit card with her bank. She wants to warn others not to give out personal information over the phone.

The real Discover card does offer some deals. Right now one offer includes 0% interest for 14 months. Then, depending on credit worthiness, 16.5% – 19.5% after that.

Remember, when it comes to credit cards, it’s unlikely you’ll ever be offered 0 percent interest for life.

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