Former Scott County inmate says jailers caused her brain damage

Woman files federal lawsuit against Scott County Jail

Tammy Brawner

HUNTSVILLE (WATE) – A new federal lawsuit was filed that claims some Scott County jail employees’ behavior caused a woman to have brain damage.

According to the lawsuit, a former inmate in the Scott County jail was not given her required medicine to prevent seizures and was Tased after being accused of faking the seizures. Tammy Brawner says the untreated seizures that she had in jail left her with brain damage.

“I have a lot of trouble with memory loss. I get confused real easy. I don’t go out in public a lot because I have trouble remembering people,” said Brawner.

Brawner’s attorney, Darren Berg, filed a federal lawsuit against Scott County, some of the jailers and some medical professionals working inside the jail. The lawsuit alleges that when Brawner went to Scott County jail last year on charges stemming from drug possession she was not given her daily medication to prevent seizures. It is a problem her attorney says she began having 20 years ago after a motorcycle accident.

Scott County Jail

“Having seizures is a serious medical condition. They pull her off of her medication. They don’t give her any medication then we she begins having seizures they allow her to seize. They don’t do anything about it,” said Berg.

The lawsuit claims that the jailers even accused Brawner of “faking it.”

“To mistake that and think somebody is faking it and then to give them no medical care whatsoever while they are undergoing this then compound this by taking them in another room and trying to Tase them out of faking it… that’s just shocking,” said Berg.

Berg says medical records show Brawner was eventually taken to Lafollette Medical Center for seizures then flown by helicopter to a hospital in Knoxville. Brawner says she is suing in hopes this doesn’t happen to another inmate.

“If I help one person it will be worth it. If I just help one person. It’s too late for me but it can help somebody else,” said Brawner.

The lawsuit was filed Friday. WATE 6 On Your Side reached out to the county’s attorney, the sheriff and the healthcare company named in the lawsuit. At this point, they have not been served the lawsuit.

The federal lawsuit seeks $2.5 million in damages.

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