UT alums biking across the country to raise money for charity

Matthew Johnson (Left) and Nathaniel Johnson (Right) are cycling over 2,000 miles for the charity "Natural High".

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Two University of Tennessee alums are putting their love of cycling and beer towards a good cause.

Brothers Matthew and Nathaniel Johnson have planned a 2,000 mile trip from San Francisco to Philadelphia over the course of nine months, with all proceeds raised from their trip going toward the charity “Natural High.”

“The first thing everybody says when you leave on a big trip like this, especially with a lot of uncertainty, is ‘Hey be careful out there,'” said Matthew.  “But in our experience in our three years on the road there are far and away many many more good people who are looking out for others and who are willing to lend a hand.”

Matthew and Nathaniel say they aren’t biking experts yet, but hope to become stronger throughout the trip which will allow them to ride further and longer as the weeks go on.

“I actually bought a one way ticket to France and I did it,”said Nathaniel. “That was the first time I ever biked. That was about a year and a half ago.”

The Johnson brothers have already biked nearly 220 miles from their starting point in San Francisco.

Along their trip, the brothers say they plan to stay with cycling hosts across the country and will be visiting a number of local breweries.

“What I’m looking forward to is meeting the people that make these communities, who share our enthusiasm and our passion,” said Matthew Johnson.

The “Natural High” organization’s mission is to “inspire and empower youth to find their natural high and develop the skills and courage to live life well.” The Johnson’s say they hope their trip will inspire others to find their own “natural high” and most importantly, donate to the charity they say helps young people understand there is more beyond alcohol and drugs.

For more information on how to donate to the Johnson’s trip and find more information about their partnership with Natural High visit the “BeersNBikes” GoFundMe page.

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