Mom of Greene County murder victim: ‘God’s taking care of it’

(Photo: WJHL)

GREENE COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – A mother grieving the loss of her daughter said justice will be served for the person or people responsible for killing 21-year-old Jessie Morrison.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office made an arrest in Morrison’s murder Wednesday. Morrison was five-months pregnant with her third child and was engaged.

Investigators said Morrison died from blunt force trauma after her body was found along Judd Neal Loop in Afton.

Vonda Smith faces charges for murder. Family members say, Smith is the grandmother of Morrison’s oldest son.  She is being held in jail on a $800,000 bond.

Morrison’s mother Tammy said her daughter was a loving and beautiful person who enjoyed taking care of her children, had a great sense of humor and loved sports. Morrison was pursuing a college degree.

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“These two children have to grow up without a mom and she was a wonderful mom. Her kids were her life and she lost her life for her kids,” Tammy Morrison said.

She said her daughter was brutally murdered for nothing.

Wednesday, Tammy Morrison got an answer to a question she’d been asking for eight months.

“I know they had to get their stuff right and I wanted them to,” she said.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office has not released a motive, but Morrison’s mother believes an argument over the care of Smith’s grandson may have been the cause.

“I’m sure she wanted to keep the boy and Jessie told her no,” said Tammy Morrison. “He had surgery that morning and I guess it just got out of hand. I don’t know.”

The sister of the Morrison’s fiancee, Amber Ealey, said she’s torn up from the incident. She visits Morrison’s memorial set up along Judd Neal Loop often.

Ealey comes by to clean up the leaves around the memorial but Wednesday was different.

“I feel light, I feel like she’s got peace now, she can rest,” Ealey said.

Tammy Morrison said she still talks to her daughter every day and she tells her she loves her. She said she has no remorse for Smith and she’s leaving it in God’s hands.

“I hope she can live with herself but I hope she suffers every day,” Tammy Morrison said.

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