East Tennessee storms cause flooding, hail, power outages

Flooding on Kingston Pike (Chloe Wheatley)

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Severe storms tore through East Tennessee Tuesday evening, bringing with it hail and flooding. The storm caused downed trees and power lines, along with power outages, across the area.

Some roads in West Knoxville saw major flooding after the hail storm Tuesday night. Several drivers got stuck in feet of water off of Northshore Drive. Rachel Windle was one of those drivers. She said she was coming back from grocery shopping when she drove through some deep water.

“My car wouldn’t go and I was just drifting,” said Windle.

She said her engine flooded. She had to call her dad and AAA for help.

“It was a lot worse than I thought it was going to be,” she said. “My mom was like stay in doors. It’s going to hail tonight and I was like ok mom and then this happened.”

This heavy storm made it a little nerve-racking for drivers. Many said they saw several cars pulled off on the side of the I-40 because visibility was low. Others decided to pull off the interstate to find cover and avoid the hail. However, some were not as cautious.

“A guy drove off into the ditch and they are trying to pull him off right now,” said Joe Anderson, a driver.

The Blount County Sheriff’s Office reported hazardous driving conditions due to flooded roads and downed trees and branches. They say if you must go out, especially on secondary roads, do not try to drive around barricades and never drive through standing water.

KUB crews worked through the night to restore power, mostly in West Knox County. At one point, nearly 4,000 people were without power.

Flooding on Kingston Pike (Chloe Wheatley)

Knoxville Police Department said flash flooding was also reported in West Knoxville. They urge drivers to use caution and not to drive into standing water.

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