Young-Williams Animal Center seeks donations for new X-ray machine

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Young-Williams Animal Center needs help getting a new X-ray for their veterinary clinic. It is an essential piece of equipment for them. They scan X-rays on furry patients every day.

“We have animals that come in that are injured, and we want to see what’s going on with them. We have animals here that have been here for a while and we’re like oh they’re limping now so we want to take an X-ray to see if they’ve injured themselves,” said Dr. Jen Armstrong.

The X-ray machine they have is past its prime.

“Our X-ray machine is about 23 years old,” Armstrong said. “It’s the old kind of X-ray where we have to develop all our X-rays, meaning that we have to take them, we have to put them over here in our developer, which takes a lot of time and a lot of labor.”

That time and labor is not only an issue for the staff, but it also presents problems for the pets as it can be more stressful than more updated digital X-rays.

“As it is now, if we don’t get a very good exposure on the X-ray, that means we have to take it over again,” Armstrong said.

Now they are looking for one of those newer digital X-rays, but it has a hefty price tag of about $46,000.

“That’s what we’re going to the community to ask for everyone to donate to help us,” Armstrong said.

An anonymous donor is giving $23,000. They still need to raise $23,000 but so far they have about $8,000.

“Please help up to get this. It allows us to save more animals,” Armstrong pleaded. “Having a digital X-ray cuts down about 70 percent of our time.”

It would save more animals by getting the X-rays done quicker and would be more efficient for everyone involved.

“I just love it that the community supports us and that they’re here for us and they’re here for these animals and they’re willing to donate their money to save these creatures,” Armstrong said.

To donate to help YWAC get a new X-ray machine, you can visit their website or send a check to Young-Williams Animal Center, 3201 Division Street, Knoxville, TN 37919.

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