Knoxville realtor burglarized during open house

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Realtors in East Tennessee are on edge after a burglary during an open house on Sunday.

The realtor told Knox County investigators she was overseeing an open house when a couple came in to take a look. She said a woman distracted her while a man went through the home. The sheriff’s office believes only the realtor’s phone was taken .

“It’s unfortunate that we have to be concerned about people that have ill intentions, but that is the world we live in,” said Jeff Grebe, president of Knoxville Area Association of Realtors.

Grebe says realtors go through training to learn how to protect themselves and the home they’re showing.

“It is very rare and that is the good news about it. When things like this happen, it kind of raises everybody’s awareness to it,” Grebe said.

In the Highgrove Gardens case, the burglary happened during an open house on Sunday. KAAR says it’s important for homeowners on the market to take an inventory of all their valuables and lock away things like jewelry.

“A lot of times the target is prescription drugs. So when it comes to prescription drugs, when it comes to personal information even mail, bills, financial information that you just would not be available to somebody with ill intent, you need to make sure those things are put up,” said Grebe.

As a way to alert other homeowners, the realtor in this case shared her experience on Facebook. Knoxville’s real estate community has become more careful.

“You should always be prepared for that one time when something’s going to happen. But you’ve just got to be aware and be as smart as you can,” added Grebe.

He says when an agent is showing a home, generally they’ll let neighbors know when it’s happening so they can be on the lookout. They’ll also get copies of the potential buyer’s driver’s license.

The suspects, described as a white male and female, left the home in a light colored van, both are white. The man is described as being around 6 feet tall and the woman is around 5-foot-7.

If you know anything, call investigators at (865) 215-2243.

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