Florida man uses drone to find missing pets

LOXAHATCHEE (WATE) – A group in Palm Beach County, Florida is using technology to help owners find their lost pets.

Gail Bass created Loxahatchee Lost and Found Pets four years ago. Today it has more than 10,000 members and Bass said with the help of her friends, they reunite an average of 85 lost pets with their owners every month, but a lot of animals still aren’t found, so they decided to partner with Kenneth Hendrick

Hendrick uses his drone to cover several miles in a short time. He uploads the video to the Facebook page for others to review and help look for the lost pet. He says he often searches for missing pets in areas that can’t be reached by foot, such as wooded areas or canals.

“I wanted to help out, because I have animals that I know what happens when they go missing,” Hendrick told WPTV. “It’s like one of your kids is gone, and you go crazy until you find them.”

Loxahatchee Lost and Found Pets has only been using the drone for a few months, but they said it has helped in the search for missing pets.

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