East Tennesseans remember the Blizzard of ’93

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – East Tennesseans are reminiscing about the Blizzard of ’93 which happened 24 years ago this week. Some places saw up to five feet of snow. People can still talk about it like it was yesterday.

“After three days of this, I was like, ‘I’m done with this. I need sunshine,'” said Rick Elmore.

It’s something Elmore laughs about now. However, at the time, about of foot of snow dumped on Knoxville.

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“Every bit of clothes I put on and come back in the house, I was soaking wet so I had to put more dry clothes on,” said Elmore.

It was difficult for some to stay warm. Many dealt with no power for more than a week.

“Knoxville looked like a ghost town,” said Joe Goosie.

Goosie worked for KUB at the time. He worked three days straight trying to get the power back on.

“We have seen some pretty good snow but that was the pinnacle,” said Goosie.

Another crew working hard was the WATE 6 On Your Side Storm Team. Chief Meteorologist Matt Hinkin remembered the Blizzard of ’93. He was just a young buck at the time.

“Since I have been in Knoxville, this is the biggest winter storm I’ve covered,” said Hinkin.

Click here if you cannot view the Blizzard of 1993 archive video gallery.

No one expected it to be this big. Hinkin said snowfalls were 60 inches in Mt. LeConte and 10 to 20 inches in the valley. The mound of snow trapped Hinkin and other employees at the station for five days.

“That night, I just had a sleeping bag, and just rolled it out on the floor over here with an air mattress,” said Hinkin.

A South Knoxville couple also made other plans. They had to postpone their wedding because of the storm.

“Wait until we could dig out and we ended up having a small wedding at the courthouse instead,” said Andy Holt.

Fun and games for the kids but for many adults, they hope this is only a one time thing.

“Be gone and praying that we not have it again,” said Elmore.

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