Construction crew pulls driver out of Anderson County lake

Dustin Stubbs and Kenny Arikss (source: Cassidy Melhorn)

CLINTON (WATE) – Two men, part of an Anderson County construction crew, are being hailed as heroes. The two jumped to the call and saved a driver whose car was submerged in a lake.

A car was driving along New Henderson Road when the Tennessee Highway Patrol says the driver failed to maintain his lane of travel and left the roadway, driving through wooden barrier posts, then rolling his car into the lake.

By the time first responders got there, the driver was already out of the car and disoriented. The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office said on Thursday Darrell W. Bouck Jr. was the driver and he’s facing DUI, theft and other charges.

Dustin Stubbs and Kenny Arikss have been doing construction work on a home close by to the lake for about a month. On Wednesday, they were in a truck, packing up to head home when Arikss looked up.

“At first I couldn’t believe what I’d just seen,” he said.

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A car had gone into the lake so Arikss screamed for someone to call 911. Then he and Stubbs rushed to the other side of the lake.

“I mean, he was drowning. He was drowning,” said homeowner Cassidy Melhorn.

Without hesitation the men jumped in. “By the time we got over there, the lights of the truck and stuff were gone. We found the guy, his hands were still above water,” said Stubbs.

Melhorn owns the home the two men are working on.

“I believe if they hadn’t gotten to the bank when they did and acted when they did, the guy would not have had a good chance at all,” said Melhorn.

There was relief because the driver was able to breathe on his own and there weren’t other passengers.

“To put your own life in danger, that’s what makes these guys heroes,” added Melhorn, who has been sharing their picture on Facebook.

“I wouldn’t call us heroes. Like I said, right place at the right time,” said Arikss.

“Seemed like anybody would’ve done the same thing,” added Stubbs.

While this construction crew is humble, there’s a lesson they’re carrying on site.

“You got to cherish each day you get and the people you’re around because, like an example last night, you may not be there the next day,” said Arikss.

Both the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and TBI say Darrell Bouck Jr. does not have a criminal record.

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