Oak Ridge PD badge gives honor to Manhattan Project

(Photo: Oak Ridge Police Department)

OAK RIDGE (WATE) – The Oak Ridge Police Department is honoring the 75th anniversary of the Manhattan Project.

A new badge symbolizes the department’s help with the project site. The department helped secure the site during the 1940s.

Oak Ridge Reservation, formerly known as the Clinton Engineer Works, was the home to the administrative and military headquarters for the project, according to the National Park Service.

SymbolArts helped create the antique bronze and black enamel badge. The badges were available for officers to purchase.

The design features the symbol of the Manhattan Project. The officer’s rank is at the top rocker panel and the bottom panel displays the officer’s three-digit radio number or an “operator number.” The operator number gives honor to how officers identified themselves on the radio during the time of the project.

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