WATCH: Florida gator takes stroll with huge fish

TAMPA BAY, Fl. (WFLA/ WATE) – A large alligator turned heads in the Tampa Bay area this week as it took an afternoon stroll, carrying a massive fish in its mouth.

The big guy was seen sauntering around the Seven Springs Golf Club in Pasco County.

Norma Respress posted her video on Facebook and it was shared more over 1,000 times.

The Wildlife Animal Control website says these are steps you should take if you ever see an alligator in real life:

  • Firstly, try to prevent yourself from ever having a gator problem by making your property unattractive to them. For example, a fence at the water line can keep them at bay. The presence of chickens or small pets on your property might attract them, but probably not. Still if there is no food, they are less likely to come around. You can also make your pool inaccessible by putting a pool cover or tarp on top of it so the gator can’t get in. You can also try alligator repellent.

  • If you have done the necessary steps to prevent a gator problem, but still find one on your property do this: First, do not make an sudden movements or noises so you do not provoke them. Next, back away slowly taking long and steady strides backwards. Do not turn and bolt when you see one because it can chase you.

  • Once you are at a safe distance call your local animal control office. If you do not have the number for the animal control office, call 911 and they will connect you to the animal control unit. Stay a safe distance away from the gator until the officer arrives and alert your next door neighbors.

  • Here is a list of things that you should never do: Never feed the alligators as they will begin to associate you with food; never try to approach an alligator; never try to trap the alligator yourself as this is a very bad idea; never try to shoot them as it wouldn’t do any good, and it is illegal; never try to poison them; and never try to capture them in traps or snares.

  • If you see a gator on your property, always call a professional to deal with it immediately.

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