Hundreds of volunteers travel to help Gatlinburg church rebuild

GATLINBURG (WATE) – Members of Roaring Fork Baptist Church in Gatlinburg have been worshiping in a camp retreat for the last three months.

On Saturday, Christians from all over the United States met in Gatlinburg to start working on a plan to rebuild. Builders for Christ is an organization that builds churches for congregations who need them.

“Knowing that there’s somebody coming just to help us from Kansas, from Alabama, from Georgia, from Kentucky, going ‘I want to come help’, that’s just that giving spirit,” said Donny Hatfield with Roaring Fork Baptist Church.

The organization usually helps build buildings for church families who have never had one before. Roaring Fork’s situation was unique.

“This one really tugs at your heart,” said Bobby Lunceford with Builders for Christ. “They had a building and they had a fellowship hall and they lost it all. That’s why we probably got so many people this year.”

Fifteen hundred people will volunteer their time over the summer. The members of Roaring Fork are calling this an act of God.

“In 2017 they had a church planned, ready to go. The fires were on the 28th, on November 29th that church cancelled because they were going to do something else,”  said Hatfield

Hatfield says the new church will look a little different that the one before.

“We had a metal roof, we’re going back with shingles, we are going to have some stone in the front not the full like it was,” said Hatfield.

Builders for Christ will be building from May until September.

Hatfield says the church plans to have their first big dinner on Thanksgiving.

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