Carson-Newman’s Charles Clark makes triple history

Charles Clark has had a historic two weeks at Carson Newman.

JEFFERSON CITY (WATE) — Charles Clark has had a historic two weeks at Carson-Newman.

“I don’t think we took a chance on him, I think everyone else missed a chance at him,” Carson-Newman men’s basketball head coach Chuck Benson.

It all started on February 11 when coach took Clark aside in morning shoot around.

“And I said Charles would it be reasonable for a coach to request from a player hey could you deliver a triple double?” said Benson. “He was very serious about it he was like, ‘I don’t think it would be unreasonable.'”

“I mean I can always try for it and little to know it happened,” said junior Charles Clark.

That night he put up 24 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists, becoming the first player at Carson-Newman to notch a triple-double.

“I did that? It was kind of you know mind blowing,” said Clark.

Clark accomplished the same feat for a second time. This one on his 21st birthday.

“It definitely was one of the best parts of my birthday,” said Clark.

“But the third one was really the one that was just out of this world,” said Benson.

Four days later on the Eagles’ senior night Clark did it again.

“I just sort of asked him, “Are you going to be ready today?” And he said, “Yeah, I’ll be ready,” and I guess his definition of being ready is that kind of performance,” he said.

He scored 54 points in this one – a Carson-Newman record, a conference record, and it could be a college basketball record.

“If what I’m told is accurate, I mean we’re talking about the history of the game,” said Benson. “I almost can’t really comprehend the history of the game, Charles Clark had the highest scoring triple-double.

“I just felt like I was just playing just to be playing and that’s the fun of it when you’re just playing and having fun,” said Clark.

Clark is unsure what his future will hold, whether he decides to continue with basketball or pursue a career with his major of business. Considering what he’s done so far at this university, his future might include a spot on the wall of fame.

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