Rockwood man charged with false imprisonment of juvenile

Kenneth Michael John (source: Roane County Sheriff's Office)

ROCKWOOD (WATE) – A Rockwood man was arrested for evading arrest and false imprisonment of a juvenile after a standoff with officers Tuesday night.

A police report says a Rockwood police officer and a Roane County deputy went to the home of Kenneth Michael John on Tuesday to arrest him on three warrants of aggravated assault, aggravated robbery and theft of property. The officers tried to make contact with John and saw several lights on inside the home, but were unable.

Before either officer had a chance to leave the property, dispatch notified them that a woman called to say a 16-year-old girl she had custody of was inside the home with John and he refused to answer the door. The woman was exchanging text messages with the girl who said John had forced her into a closet and wouldn’t let her leave.

The girl said she was eventually moved to a bathroom and saw John with a knife and that he had moved all the guns in the house to the bedroom. After numerous attempts to get John to leave the home, officers went in and took him into custody.

Deputies safely located the girl, who said she was having panic attacks due to the ordeal. Deputies also found a black pump shotgun they believe to have been stolen.

The girl said she had received a call from her father, who is in the Rhea County jail, that John and his son were going to be arrested and she needed to go somewhere safe. She also said John had received a call that his son had already been arrested and that he was next.

The juvenile said John told her he wasn’t going to jail that night, but never threatened her with the knife or gun. She was not injured.

John is being held in the Roane County Jail.

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