Still no answers years after Knox County cremains stolen

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Dozens of families are still looking for closure after their loved one’s cremains were stolen more than two years ago. Forty people’s ashes were taken from Berry Highland Memorial Cemetery in October 2014. Families still do not know where they are.

“Not many people have to go through this,” said Susan Ericks.

Ericks got a phone call two years ago that her husband’s ashes had been stolen. She never imagined something like this would happen.

“I’d thought I would lose my mind that day,” she said. “That was the second worst day of my life.”

She said she is back to square one in the grieving process. She struggles to find any closure.

“If you threw them away, like garbage, you need to come forward and tell that you did that,” said Ericks.

Different scenarios constantly run through her mind. It is something she thinks about every day and night.

“I am not young anymore and I would like to know before I die,” she said.

She asks for anybody with information to come forward. The Knoxville Police Department has not responded to a request for more information about the investigation. Ericks said she went to a meeting at the cemetery two years ago to meet with the lead investigators. She said she was told then that there was not enough evidence yet to make an arrest. That is the last thing she was told about her husband’s remains.

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