Knoxville couple forms group to help people adopt

The Miller family. (source: Miller family)

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Jeremy and Kristin Miller developed a passion for adoption in 2010, as newlyweds, while they were on a medical mission trip to Ghana. They met two little girls in an orphanage, Portia and Mabel, and felt a tug on their heartstrings.

“In the beginning we didn’t really want to [adopt]. It didn’t make sense financially. We were still finishing school,” said Jeremy.

The young couple from Knoxville took the leap, adopting the girls in 2013 when both were five years old. The family has since grown to include two biological sons, Jude and Titus.

During the Millers’ adoption process, Kristin Miller noticed a lot of local churches were organizing adoption ministries.

“They were all doing the same thing, so we kind of got together as leaders and just said, ‘How can we bring this all together to unify and to maximize efforts?’” Kristin Miller explained.

That led the Millers to start a regional alliance called KAFCAM, Knox Area Foster Care and Adoption Ministries, in 2014. KAFCAM’s main goal is to minimize barriers for people interested in adopting and fostering.

Not even three years old yet, the organization is having an impact. KAFCAM has helped dozens of local families follow the Millers’ lead and adopt, foster or provide respite care. Its regional conference at Cornerstone Church of Knoxville in February attracted about 150 people.

More online: KAFCAM

After starting out with just a handful of partner institutions, KAFCAM now has 30 partners. The groups include churches, government agencies and nonprofits, all working together to support people like Melissa Cox, who has been a foster mom to 10 kids over the past few years.

“Just collaboration, working with the different churches and services and everything coming together [is helpful],” Cox explained. “And it’s kind of like a one-stop kind of thing. I don’t have to seek out everything, which is incredible.”

“The fruit of [KAFCAM] has been so rewarding and more than I could ever imagine just because of these people that have been aware and now have moved forward,” said Kirstin Miller.

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