Knoxville attorney charged in Memorial Day boating incident

Stephen A. Burroughs (source: KCSO)

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Stephen A. Burroughs was charged with reckless boating.

The well-known Knoxville attorney was arrested on Memorial Day.  According to arrest records, he was driving a boat at a high rate of speed near a patrol boat and a private dock. The officer that pulled him over said he could smell alcohol on Burroughs’ breath and he performed poorly on a sobriety test.

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Burroughs was charged with boating under the influence, but that charge was dismissed. He is now facing one charge of reckless boating.

An arraignment is scheduled for March 23 in Knox County Criminal Court.

Burroughs’ attorney Marcos Garza issued the following statement: “Mr. Burroughs maintains that he is innocent.  Even though this is a minor charge, we will work diligently to prove his innocence, at jury trial if necessary.”

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