East Tennessee pastor deploys for nine months to serve as Navy chaplain

LA FOLLETTE (WATE) – Chris Stanfield’s congregation won’t be La Follette United Methodist Church for the next nine months, it will be a group of nearly 250 Marines.

“Part of the mission briefings, the chaplain’s there. Part of the morning briefings the chaplain is there.” Said Stanfield.

“When the guys and gals are eating, the chaplain is there. When they are doing their drills, their PT, the chaplain is always there.”

He doesn’t know where he will be deployed, for now, he is in pre-deployment training at the Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

There, he will re-enter from the reserves to active duty military.

“I show up in uniform to start the process in. This first week will be moving me from a reservist back to active duty.” Said Stanfield.

He has been in the reserves since 2010, before that active duty for 5 years. Now, he says, this is an opportunity.

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