UT women’s golf’s Pietila sisters staying the course together

Sisters Hannah and Emmie Pietila picked up their first club at a young age and fell in love with it.

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Tennessee women’s golf got the ultimate package deal.

“We’re teammates and we’re sisters so there’s going to be some competition right there and I think it’s healthy competition,” said senior golfer Hannah Pietila.

Sisters Hannah and Emmie Pietila picked up their first club at a young age and fell in love with it for the same reasons.

“It’s really challenging,” said senior golfer Emmie Pietila. “I feel like even on a really good day there’s still always a reason to come back.”

“I love the challenge,” said Hannah. “Every day I have a new goal and every day I’m trying to get better.”

Going through it together has made it even more challenging because they hold each other accountable.

“‘I did it so that means you can do it,’ and I think that has been our theory from the beginning. Where if she did it well I’ve done the same thing she’s done so I can do it so that’s kind of that’s helped us play together,” said Hannah.

“It’s definitely brought us together we do everything together,” said Emmie.

“She’s been there all along I mean we shared a room since we were born we’ve lived together here for four years so she’s been there the whole time,” said Hannah.

For the most part it is enjoyable, but conflict is bound to happen.

“Sometimes she’s had to learn like if I don’t say anything just don’t talk,” said Emmie.

Even though their collegiate careers end this year, their time on the green is far from over.

“I think we want to continue to play together as long as we can. I think that it’s been a really big part of our lives and we don’t want it to end in May,” said Hannah. “We both want to be on the LPGA tour together and I think that’s a really reasonable goal for us.”

The Tennessee women’s golf team plays at Auburn on Sunday.

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