Cruze Farm to expand in Summer 2017

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Cruze Farm gave a hint to fans on social media on what the company’s next steps may be.

Colleen Cruze posted on the farm’s social media accounts that she had a special announcement about the family company.

In two posts, she shared her story of creating the business and her love for her employees. She explains that even as a mother of two and a wife, she was able to create her dream company. She received the Anderson Center Business Plan Award during her last semester of college. She used the $5,000 award money to help create Cruze Farm.

Cruze goes on to talk about the farm’s success with opening a pop-up store and share her love of ice cream with Knoxville.

At the end of her first post, she said “I just want to sell ice cream and make people smile. Knoxville, I’m returning the love Summer 2017.”

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