Teacher injection bill moves forward after Knoxville family’s testimony

NASHVILLE (WATE) – A Knoxville family is pushing for change and peace of mind when they send their son to school. Landon Adzima, 16, has Addison’s disease, a rare and life-threatening condition that causes his body not to produce enough cortisol, which is critical in keeping his body balanced.

The family spoke Wednesday with Tennessee state senators on the Education Administration and Planning Subcommittee about why teachers across the state should be trained in giving emergency injections.

“We want our kids to be safe just like any other child,” said Lora Joy Adzima.

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Once House Bill 121 was addressed, the Adzima family took a seat front and center to share the time Landon went into crisis after a wrestling match. His body needed a life-saving injection of cortisol.

“As I held my son who was in immense pain and starting to feel like his body was shutting down, a couple parents from another team who are nurses came and gave him the injection he needed,” Landon’s dad told the panel.

The family wants teachers in all Tennessee schools to be trained on giving an emergency injection of cortisol in case a student with adrenal insufficiency goes into crisis because time is a factor.

“In more rural counties where there are not protocols in place, where there are not nurses in every school, students that have this condition need to get this emergency injection quickly. So having someone in the school, who can give that injection besides the school nurse would be very important,” Landon’s dad said.

The Adzimas believe this bill would fill in the gaps.

“The nurse isn’t going to go to prom, the nurse isn’t going to go to things like that. We want to make sure a school nurse is not the only line of defense.”

They referenced current laws in place protecting students with similar medical needs.

“Really the bottom line is we’re basically asking for equal treatment of what students with diabetes can receive in an emergency situation,” he said.

After the family addressed questions from lawmakers, all of them voted for it, moving the bill forward one more step. The next step is putting the bill on the schedule so lawmakers can look at it in detail and then take a vote.

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