Autopsy: Man in Rockwood parking lot confrontation died of self-inflicted gunshot wound

ROCKWOOD (WATE) – A report from Ninth District Attorney General Russell Johnson says a man who died after a confrontation with officers in a Rockwood store parking lot earlier this month died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The report says on Thursday, February 2, officers were called to the parking lot of Walmart, 1102 North Gateway Avenue, for a welfare check on Quentin Swicegood, 58, called in by his father. Swicegood’s father said he was parked next to his son’s vehicle and that he may have been intoxicated and was threatening suicide or “suicide by cop.”

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Johnson’s report says in-car and body camera video shows officers approaching Swicegood’s vehicle. One officer asks him how he is doing and asks him to exit the vehicle, to which Swicegood declined.

The officer then noticed Swicegood had a revolver and reached in through the driver’s side window to push Swicegood away either in an attempt to get him to release the revolver and/or put distance between him and the car. The video shows Swicegood lifting the gun with his right hand. The officer drew his weapon and ordered Swicegood to put the weapon down and his hands up prior to any shots being fired, according to the report.

Other officers on scene say both Swicegood and the officer then fired one shot each. Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agents found the officer’s round embedded in the driver’s side doorpost of the vehicle and said it didn’t appear it made contact with Swicegood at all.

The officers said Swicegood shot himself in the right side of the head, which autopsy results later confirmed. No other gunshot wounds were found on Swicegood’s person.

Johnson advised the Rockwood Police Department that both officers involved in the confrontation are cleared for return to regular duties.

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