Asian buffet reinspected after low grade

Food For Thought

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A number of critical issues regarding management supervision, food protection, and food safety are noted in the inspection report at this North Knoxville restaurant.

China Wok Buffet, 5453 Washington Pike – Grade: 84 New Grade: 99

China Wok Buffet received a passing score however, risk factors were noted in the report.

When the inspector asked the person in charge, the manager at China Wok, about his knowledge of health rules and regulations, the inspector writes, he was unaware of them. Managers are supposed to know the regulations so they can inform their staff about them.

Apparently, the person washing pots did not know that he was also supposed to rinse and sanitize them as well, which he had not done. At the three compartment sink, where pots pans and other utensils are washed cleaned and sanitized, the sink was not set up properly.

The inspector also found there were incorrect time records kept at the sushi bar. As a result, some of the sushi was thrown away.

A few weeks later China Wok was reinspected. Their new grade is a 99.

K-Town Tavern, 320 N. Peters Road – Grade: 82 New Grade: 96

Last week, it was reported that K-Town Tavern on North Peters Road was graded an 82, which is a passing score. When the inspector returned, the critical violations were corrected. Their new grade is a 96.

Previous story: Tavern, donut shop receive low grades on Knox County health inspection

There were no re-inspections for a number of restaurants this week.

More online: Read this week’s inspection reports [PDF]

Top Scores of the Week:

  • Snappy Tomato, 11507 Kingston Pike – Grade: 100
  • Chili’s, 11454 Parkside Drive – Grade: 100
  • La Rosa’s,9169 Kingston Pike – Grade: 99
  • KFC, 4415 Western Avenue – Grade: 99
  • Chick-fil-a – 5100 Broadway – Grade: 99
  • Domino’s Pizza, 6402 Asheville Highway – Grade: 99
  • Domino’s Pizza, 11408 Kingston Pike – Grade: 98
  • Panera Bread, 4893 Broadway – Grade: 98
  • Wingstop, 4865 Broadway – Grade: 98
  • Subway, 3317 Sutherland Avenue – Grade: 97
  • Knox Mason, 131 Gay Street – Grade: 96
  • Sam and Andy’, 2613 Adair Drive – Grade: 96

If you come across a health violation let the manager know. If you’re not satisfied with the action, call the health department in the county where you live.

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