University of Tennessee alumni chapter creates Joshua Dobbs scholarship

(AP Photo/Wade Payne)

ATLANTA, Ga. (WATE) – A University of Tennessee alumni chapter in North Atlanta is creating a scholarship in honor of Tennessee’s former quarterback, Joshua Dobbs.

The chapter has already raised over $3,400 on their Volstarter account. The group hopes to give the scholarship annually to help students in the North Atlanta area attend the university.

Chris Ideker, a chapter board member, said their chapter chose Dobbs because of the type of student and citizen he was. He said the chapter is hoping they can raise $25,000 to endow the scholarship. They also want the Dobbs family to help establish criteria for recipients.

“When Joshua was beginning his career, you had the academic scandal to UNC and the unionization movement at Northwestern. Many of us were questioning whether the idea of a true student-athlete was a thing of the past,” said Ideker. “Then, here comes this kid from Alpharetta who majors in aerospace engineering with a minor in business and finishes a year early. His accomplishments on the field were awesome, but that was just a platform to positively represent the university. He is the true embodiment of the Torchbearer.”

The chapter is taking donations and holding their annual golf tournament April 24 at the Alpharetta Athletic Clubs. Dobbs will host the event.

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