New tourism ad reassures visitors Gatlinburg is still open

Source: Gatlinburg Convention and Visitor Bureau/Tombras Group

GATLINBURG (WATE) – A new television ad is reaching out to potential tourists, reassuring them that Gatlinburg and its attractions are still open after the wildfires.

The ad from the Gatlinburg Convention and Visitor Bureau hit the airwaves last month in communities that send visitors to Gatlinburg. Marketing Director Chad Netherland says the spot came from research about the perception of Gatlinburg after the fires.

“If the perception was that the town was more damaged, then we would put a different spot in there to really raise awareness to that the town really is standing strong and there wasn’t much damage at all in the downtown areas and the places they love – the attractions, the great restaurants, the park – all the various things they love to see is still here,” said Netherland.

The people seen in the ad offering testimonials are actually visitors from the communities they mention, according to the bureau. The spot also features Mayor Mike Werner inviting people to see “what hasn’t changed in Gatlinburg.”


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