2 students injured in Jefferson County school bus crash

JEFFERSON CITY (WATE) – Two students had minor injuries after a school bus crash Monday morning in Jefferson County.

Director of Transportation Sherry Dotson says bus number 98 went off the shoulder of East Dumplin Road and rested against a tree around 7:28 a.m. The bus had just dropped off students at Talbott Elementary School and was on its way to Patriot Academy and Jefferson County High School.

Thirty-one students were on board at the time, two of whom had minor injuries. Dotson says the road is narrow and the tire went off the road where there was no shoulder. She says the driver was in the process of trying to get the bus back on the road when the side of the bus hit the tree. Tennessee Highway Patrol noted the lane of travel was only two inches wider than the bus itself, leaving no room for any adjustment.

Dotson says the driver, Kenton Williams, is a well respected driver who will continue driving his route with no disciplinary action taken. Dotson said she has personally tried to contact the parents of every student who was on the bus and was impressed with how highly they spoke of Williams.

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