Michael Reed speaks out months after losing wife, daughters in Sevier County fires

Michael Reed, Constance Reed, Chloe Reed, Lily Reed
Michael Reed's wife Constance and daughters, 12-year-old Chloe and 9-year-old Lily, went missing Monday Nov. 28, 2016. (Courtesy: Michael Reed)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Michael Reed is using social media to reach out to the community and Tennessee lawmakers about moving forward after he lost it all in the Sevier County wildfires.

His father, Grant Reed, speaking on his behalf.

“He’s got the means to perhaps reach out and help people. if all that comes of this is that we help one child, it’s a miracle.” said Grant Reed.

Constance Reed’s video reaching out to victims of abuse went viral in 2016. Now Michael says he wants her legacy to live on.

I can’t sit alone in this darkness forever. It is consuming me. It is dragging me down so far into the depths of Hell, that sometimes I feel like I will never climb out of it. It is prohibiting me from doing what God intended for me to do through this tragedy. I can’t tell Constance’s story while it’s so dark inside my head.
So today, I took one more step forward. But I need help from each and every one of you.
One in four children today are victims of abuse. ONE IN FOUR. That is unacceptable. Part of Constance’s story is for those who have already suffered. To know that God is with you and can help you heal is incredibly powerful. But what about the children who are being hurt RIGHT NOW?? They are alone. They have nowhere to turn. It’s time to change that. It’s time to save all the little Constance’s out there who need someone to rescue them from their own Hell.
This morning I wrote a very lengthy letter to my Congressman, Dr. Phil Roe. I have asked him and any other members of Congress to join me in drafting “Constance’s Bill”.
Constance’s Bill is very simple: We designate a NATIONAL number (for example: 12345) that can be taught to EVERY SINGLE CHILD in America where if they are being abused, they can text the word “help” to that number and IMMEDIATELY their message will be sent to their local police department. Maybe, a child out there won’t have to spend their life living through the pain that Constance experienced. Maybe, just maybe, one life can be saved from the monsters that exist in this world. Every child deserves a voice. Every child deserves a chance.
Through the tragedy of the fires, it was all of you who made Constance’s story go viral. Let’s go viral again.
“Like” this post. Share this post. Spread the word. Write your Congressman and encourage him/her to join our cause. It’s time to start the conversation. It’s time to make a difference. It’s time to tell Constance’s story. Together we can change the world, one child at a time.

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