Downtown Knoxville luxury hotel opening in April

Prices range from $179 to a whopping $3,000 a night.

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A new luxury hotel and condominiums in downtown Knoxville is expected to open in April. Plans for the “Tennessean” were revealed last year. The hotel is just off of Henley Street and adjacent to the Holiday Inn.

“Physically, it’s now coming alive,” said Stephen Bello, managing director for the Tennessean.

Bello said the hotel will be ready in two months. Marble is in the bathrooms, restaurants are being built and the boardroom furniture is being laid out. All of that work is for 82 luxury rooms. Prices range from $179 to a whopping $3,000 a night.

The most expensive room is the “Governor’s Suite.” Inside this room will be a baby grand piano, fireplace and two bedrooms. Guests will also have a full-time butler during their stay. These upscale rooms come with top-notch employees.

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“The butler we hired from the Middle Rast, worked in London. We hired an executive chef who used to be the executive chef for the Dallas Cowboys,” said Bello.

This glamorous stay is coming to Knoxville because the hotel’s developer is from here. Bello said Nick Cazana always wants to give back to the community. He is doing that by only purchasing furniture from East Tennessee.

“Instead of our furniture being shipped from China and sitting on a boat and go through customs, we have provided jobs in East Tennessee,” said Bello.

The hotel is even naming each floor after a Tennessee river. The Tennessean doesn’t just have hotel rooms on these floors. It also has 12 condos.

“We believe all of our rooms and all of our staff will be the best in East Tennessee,” said Bello.

Bello said at least 400 rooms have been booked already. Some guests are already planning trips to Knoxville for New Years in 2018.

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