1 year after fire, popular Fountain City restaurant still closed

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – One year after Creamery Park Grille caught on fire, the restaurant is still closed. The eatery, which was located at 114 Hotel Avenue was a staple in the Fountain City area of Knoxville.

Business owners around the spot say the loss of the beloved eatery has left more than an empty space between buildings.

“Without this business, it’s like we’ve lost a brother or sister or family member,” said R. Larry Smith. “People would stop at the shops either before they ate or after they ate, so not only were they spending money at the restaurant but spend money with the other merchants on the road here.”

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A year later, those who loved the creamery wonder about it’s future.

2016 fire at The Creamery in Fountain City.
2016 fire at The Creamery in Fountain City.

“Everybody loved the creamery,” said April Cuthbert, owner of Scrumps Cupcakes. “We still have questions weekly if they’re coming back and what they’re going to with that space and what’s going to happen.”

Capt. DJ Corcoran with the Knoxville Fire Department says the investigation into the fire is closed. The cause was electrical.

“It was there behind the counter is where they found the fire had started,” said Corcoran. “It had gained size going up the wall and then ran free into the attic area.”

Messages left for owner Jeff Patin’s family were never returned.

Knoxville City Officials say Patin applied for a repair permit in March of 2016 and then a demolition permit in July. The city says as of now, Patin has not applied for a building permit.

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